Industries Served

Appistry helps customers across a variety of industries achieve dramatically simplified solutions for delivering and managing big data while reducing costs, resource utilization, and time-to-market. By leveraging our flagship Ayrris™ computing environment, we have been able to work with customers that include cutting-edge academic, research, and healthcare institutions, leading global corporations, and a number of government agencies. Our main industry emphases include

  • Life science and Healthcare: In 2011, Appistry began applying Ayrris directly to the data challenges associated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) and next-generation, precision medicine. Ayrris helps research hospitals and healthcare providers assemble and run pipelines; extend architectures; and leverage the whole corpus of collected organizational data to drive decision-making and improve outcomes. Representative customers include
  • Defense and Intelligence: With traditional architectures crumbling under the vast amount and complexity of raw data needed to arm warfighters and analysts in modern, data-intensive investigations, Appistry provides key capabilities that enable the development of complex analytics in a fraction of the time of other big-data frameworks such as Hadoop. Our customers have streamlined analytics and developed unique applications that free personnel to act on information. Representative customers include
  • Financial Services: One of the earliest test cases for Appistry’s technology was financial services, which was one of the first industries challenged to make large volumes of data, from diverse sources, actionable in a short time span. By delivering high-speed ingest, storage, processing, and analytics across a fabric of autonomous workers, Appistry’s Ayrris helps organizations exploit data to drive business decisions. Representative customers include
  • Logistics: The globalization of business has made the rapid delivery of transportation, e-commerce, and business services essential. Next-generation logistics requires the implementation of complex algorithms to ensure services are delivered to clients on time and on budget. Appistry’s Ayrris empowers service providers to manage and scale their workflows without investing in complicated, expensive infrastructure. Representative customers include
    • FedEx

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