August 8, 2013

12:00 p.m. EDT

Join us for a live webinar introducing Appistry's new Cancer Genome Analysis Suite, which features the GATK and MuTect, the Broad's tool for reliably and accurately identifying somatic point mutations in NGS cancer genome data.

Attend the webinar to discover

  • MuTect's approach to delivering high sensitivity and specificity
  • Which filters provide the right balance of sensitivity and specificity
  • Recommended methods to determine somatic indels
  • How to run all of the tools in the suite to obtain optimal results

This webinar will be jointly moderated and delivered by Rich Mazzarella, Ph.D., Appistry's chief scientific officer, and Craig DeLoughery, Appistry's GATK customer support director. Please direct questions about webinar registration or other logistics to Deborah Ausman, director of marketing communications at Appistry, by emailing deboraha at appistry dot com.

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