Solving Big-Data Problems

Since 2001, Appistry has assembled technologies that solve big-data problems into Ayrris™, a patented computing environment that operates across the large volumes of unstructured data plaguing industries such as finance, defense, transportation and healthcare. A few core principles underpin Ayrris and Appistry’s big-data philosophy:

  • Organizations should not need to rewrite their valuable analytics or tools to run at scale. Ayrris enables organizations to implement their preferred analytics as is.
  • Organizations aren’t interested in the mechanics of big-data management as much as they are in the results. Ayrris handles big-data storage and processing while shielding users from the details and presenting them with actionable results.
  • Big data—particularly large volumes of unstructured data—is a reality across industries and shouldn’t require organizations to amass specialized hardware or high-performance computing expertise. Ayrris makes expanding and extending architectures as easy as plugging in a server.

In 2011, we began applying Ayrris directly to the data challenges associated with next-generation sequencing (NGS) and next-generation, precision medicine. Ayrris helps research hospitals and healthcare providers

  • Optimize and execute pipelines, recipes, or workflows based on preferred commercial, open-source, or proprietary life-science tools
  • Extend architectures and storage capacity through secure, cloud implementations
  • Provide personalized medicine reports to make genomics data actionable to physicians and patients
  • Develop applications that manage and integrate diverse, complex datasets
  • Leverage the whole corpus of collected organizational data to drive decision-making and improve outcomes

Explore some of the solutions that Ayrris makes possible, or learn more about the Ayrris computing environment.

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